This ONE Thing Controls the Success of Every Gigging Musician

For better or worse this is the only thing standing in a professional musician's way.

So what’s the #1 thing keeping musicians from achieving their dreams – is it the “dying” music industry?  Is it the surplus of musical talent they have to compete against?  Or is it just greedy venue owners who refuse to compensate us musicians with the amount we deserve?

If you suspect it's none of these, you might already know where this is going…

None of those reasons are what keeps us from achieving our musical dreams.  Deep down we all know what really keeps us from success…it’s US.  Ourselves.  My SELF.

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Even though we know we aren't being honest when we blame our failure on everything outside ourselves, we sometimes can't help going the less painful route: “there aren’t enough venues in my town!" "I don’t know where to look, nobody is willing to pay musicians in my area!" "I don’t have connections, the management at local venues are a pain to deal with" "There are too many competing bands, there’s no market for my style of music, the internet has changed the industry!”

When you start telling yourself all that it sure sounds like there's a lot of problems with the music industry!  But here’s something we often fail to keep in mind on a daily basis:  Getting paid for your music means your music is a business.  And, as the millionaire consultant Sam Ovens eloquently put it, “People don’t have business problems, they have life problems that reflect in their business.”

Oftentimes the most common problems crippling the efforts of musicians come down to things like: poor attitude, the wrong mindset, a fear of failure… and these are all things that the musician ACTUALLY has control over!    

Just the other day I was talking about fear of failure with a booking agent who's worked with names like Eddy Benitez and George Benson.  She lamented about how throughout the years it hasn’t mattered how big or successful a musician has become, almost every time a tour or gig fell through it was because of the performing musician’s own fear of failure.  As a manager she spends months researching and setting up a tour, often only to have all that work and potential income thrown out the window because the performer suddenly gets cold feet.

So it doesn’t matter if we hire the greatest, most expensive management in the world…we can always run the risk of shooting ourselves in the foot.

But on the flip-side, that also means we always have control over the only one who matters.  Whether it’s following up with gig opportunities or adapting to our target market, the more we actively participate in building our success… the more likely it is that the results will match our dreams.

Are you ready to change the only one who has control over your music career?  Now it's up to you to inspire other musicians through your own success. 😉


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