Are you sick of playing your music for free, but don’t know how to turn it into a steady income?

The PLAYMOREGIGS e-course shows you how to take the next step in becoming a professional musician.  Say goodbye to feeling clueless and hello to getting paid for what you love doing:

performing your music.

Featuring the #1 Tactics of instrumentalists, singers, and bands from around the country:

Scott Willis - 50 Verified Bookings
Top Tier - 58 Verified Bookings
Bobby Cool - 83 Verified Gigs
  • Save yourself years of trial and error by learning from 10 of the top-gigging musicians in the US who have decades of experience.


  • Keep the studying easy and actionable by gaining exclusive access to each musician’s #1 tactic for getting paid gigs.


  • Get results with a clear checklist for taking effective action after each lesson


  • Receive tangible answers to questions like, “Do I need management to get gigs? How do I determine my target audience?  How do I negotiate payment?”


Here’s why the most hired pianist in Los Angeles (with a whopping 382 confirmed gigs on Gigmasters) is excited:

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"Thanks for your devotion to young musicians the foresight that this e-course can bring them puts them YEARS ahead." - Vince Torbey, Pianist On Call (382 verified bookings)

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Gettinr ready for the gig

Here's what's WRONG...The average 4-year music performance degree costs $155,180.00!!!!

Proof Cost

Even the most “affordable” degree costs a whopping  $9,016.00 x 4 years =  $36,604.00!!!

...and the best part is... they never show you how to make any money.

PlayMoreGigs = learn how to earn a full-time income as a gigging musician... for only $99 a month.

Bobby Cool Album

"Gigs lead to more gigs."

-Bobby Cool, Country Singer (83 verified bookings on Gigmasters, headlined events for Microsoft, Buddweiser, and Toyota)

Gigs are Life or Death for musicians... that's why we created PLAYMOREGIGS

Here's how the e-course works:  Each month you'll receive exclusive content straight to your inbox that focuses on an already successful artist's killer strategy for playing more PAID gigs.  One section is devoted to their gigging philosophy and story, the next section outlines how their strategy works, and the last section leaves you with a checklist for taking immediate action steps!

Jon bessette

"A lot of people start off at the small places and are looking to break out past doing things like open mics - because that's where a lot of people get stuck, is they have that first stage where people try to get their name out there but really nothing happens."
- Jon Bessette, Lead Singer and Guitarist, Fixed Fate (alt-rock band)

Now you can break out by learning from 10 successful musicians who've already played hundreds of gigs...
...this e-course is still in its early stages and bound to grow more valuable as more and more content is added! But we sorely want to help musicians start getting paid what they deserve NOW, so we're giving a discount for to the next five people who sign up... enter at $99 a month instead of the normal $199/month.  As Flagship customers you will get to keep that price for life!   Grab the first lesson about Bobby Cool's proven (we've used it time and time again!) tactic for getting a PAID gig before all five slots are taken...  Chapter 1: 7 Easy Steps to Your First Paid Gig

Our very first student couldn’t believe how simple, yet effective, PLAYMOREGIGS is:
“This process is absolutely INCREDIBLE, it’s so professionally written, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t get a gig after following this process unless they literally don’t do anything!” - Jakob Cheatham, Utah, booked 3 gigs by day 14

“This program is absolutely INCREDIBLE, it’s so professionally written, I don't see how anyone couldn't get a gig after following this program unless they literally don't do anything!”

- Jakob Cheatham

In the U.S. the average cost of hiring a professional band to play ONE GIG is between $600-1,000.

 Imagine how much you would make in a month by gigging full time...

5 gigs could easily = $1,000 in your bank

...and we’re only asking $99/month to show you how.  That's just one Starbucks latte a day 😉


  1.  Do I need management - a booking agent or manager - to get paid gigs?

Nope!  The first month’s lesson will show you how Bobby Cool walked into a venue and walked out with a paid gig - just like that!  Most managers require evidence of your professional success before they’ll even consider helping you, so at the end of this course (after you’ve gotten several gigs under your belt) we will provide content about how to decide whether hiring a manager is the right next step for growing your gigging business even bigger.

2.  How time intensive is the course?

Go at your own pace.  Many musicians can have a gig booked in less than 2 weeks if they work hard and strategically.  The course is designed to be streamlined and simple: look at the action steps for that month, read a little bit about each step in depth, then take action and get results!

3.  Why should I pick you over the competition?

Most other music career online courses try to cover everything imaginable like starting a music teaching studio, creating a social media presence, songwriting, recording, etc...without a clear result in mind.  This course narrows down on fixing the pain of getting paid gigs.  

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